OM AGM 2018


Absentee voting will be available for all of the Officer Posts.

To apply for “Absentee Voting” you will need to register by emailing the Secretary at requesting “Absentee Voting Registration”, including the Side Name you wish to represent.  The Secretary will respond by sending you a username (which will be an abbreviated form of your side name, or for individual members, an abbreviated form of your full name) and a short password.

To apply your votes you will need to login (the easiest way to login is to attempt to set your first vote – you will be presented with a Login overlay.  Entering your username and password will enable you to continue with the voting process.  You will get one opportunity to set your votes for each candidate so please ensure you select the correct boxes.  Each OfficerPost is separate and you must select your choice and click on VOTE for each one separately.

You may cast your votes on The Voting Page


Voting will remain open until 12:00 Noon on Sunday 18 November 2018

Candidate Biographies


Nicki Pickering

Proposed Earl of Stamford Morris

Seconded Cadi Ha Morris

AGM 2018 - Nominee statement - Chair


Jen Cox

Proposed Holt Ridge Morris

Seconded Peter Luckin (Individual Member)

AGM 2018 - Nominee statement - Secretary

Membership Secretary

John Scholey

Proposed Theale Tattoo

Seconded St. Katharine’s Morris

AGM 2018 - Nominee statement - Membership Secretary


Liz Scholey

Proposed Brooms Bricks and Bowlers

Seconded Madcap Morris

AGM 2018 - Nominee statement - Treasurer

Web Officer

Malcolm Hills

Proposed Wharfedale Wayzgoose Border Morris

Seconded Lepton Morris

Web Officer