£10,000,000 public liability is included for membership of MORRIS SIDES who join the Open Morris.  Proof of Insurance certificates are sent to sides on receipt of their sub.  The three Morris Organisations comprising the JMOs (Open Morris, The Morris Ring and The Morris Federation) have a joint Public Liability Insurance policy.  Michael Stimpson our insurance advisor has provided the following documents:

In addition to the documentation above he has advised the following:
We are not allowed to insure Sides based outside of the UK who should obtain PL insurance in the Country where they are based.

We can provide insurance for Sides based in the UK dancing anywhere in the world (but with an additional premium in North America) and the same applies to a Side based in, say, France, who would arrange insurance in France but which would cover them world wide whilst dancing.

It is not possible, I am afraid, to cover Sides who are from another country as they have to take out insurance in the country where they are based.”

The attention of Member Sides is drawn to the fact that if you are considering using flaming torches or dancing with lit sticks that the standard Liability Insurance does not cover you for use of naked flame, fireworks etc.

You are also reminded that if you are planning a trip to North America (USA or Canada) or if you are planning a Ceilidh with tickets being sold to members of the public, you will need additional insurance.

In any of the above cases. please contact Michael Stimpson on 01923 770425 between 11.30 am and 7pm Monday to Thursday and 11.30 to 5pm Friday.

If you have any queries or require any further information please contact:

Michael Stimpson
Tel: 01923 770425