If you or your team are interested in becoming members of Open Morris, please ask for information from the Membership Secretary at


The annual subscription to renew membership is –

  • Adult side: £45.00;
  • Junior side: £25.00;
  • Individual Member: £17.00;
  • Non -UK side: £27.50

Please note that non-UK sides and Individual Members are not covered by the Public Liability Insurance policy.

Prompt payment offer

Subscriptions are reduced by £10.00 if payment is received on or before 31st Jan, or for a side joining for the first time throughout the year. ie Adult side: £35.00; Junior side: £15; Individual Member: £7.00; Non-UK side: £17.50

Paying your subscription

OM members may pay their subscription by one of the following three methods.
Whichever method you choose, please make sure your payment can be identified by a reference to the side’s name, or your own name if an Individual Member.

  • Standing OrderWe send you a Standing Order proforma with your renewal reminder. If you wish to set up a Standing Order, you will need to complete the proforma and take it to YOUR bank. Please set up the payment in good time before 15th January.
  • Bank TransferYou can make a one-off payment each year by going online, using your telephone banking service or in branch. Please contact the Membership Secretary for details of the Open Morris bank account.
  • ChequeSend a cheque payable to Open Morris to the Membership Secretary. The address is on the application form.

Period of Membership and Insurance

Both Membership and Public Liability Insurance currently run from 26th Jan until 25th Jan the following year.

New members

For a new member joining OM, your membership and Public Liability Insurance will start as soon as we receive your subscription and side/personal details and log them on our system. If this is after September 1st, the subscription will include the following year’s membership and insurance. A new “confirmation of insurance” certificate will be issued free of charge the following January.


Public Liability Insurance

Open Morris member sides resident in the UK benefit from up to £10,000,000 of cover.
A ‘Confirmation of Insurance” certificate will be sent to you towards the end of January, or on receipt of your subscription and side details if joining later in the year.

Personal Accident Insurance

This is an option to purchase directly from our insurance broker. Details are posted on the website as soon as available. See or phone Michael Stimpson on 01923 770425


We arrange and facilitate activities which bring members together, including instructional sessions covering aspects of Morris, such as different styles and traditions of dancing. There are also workshops for musicians, fools, animals and so on.

“Dancing On !”

The Open Morris magazine is currently published  bi-annually. In the magazine, members (and non-members too!) can air their views and read articles relating to Morris matters.


  • Please remember to renew your membership in good time.
  • Your subscription should be received by the Membership Secretary on or before 25th January 2017. Otherwise your Public Liability Insurance will lapse, and you will not be insured to dance out or at practice venues.
  • Your Public Liability Insurance will not begin again until we receive your payment and updated side details.
  • Whichever way choose to pay your subscription, please include a reference to your side’s name, or to your name, if an Individual Member.
  • You will be sent (by email) a link to allow you to check or amend the details we hold on you
  • If your details change during the year, you may use the link sent to you with your renewal form to make any necessary changes.  If you need the link resending please contact our Web Officer at  Please note the link can only be sent to the Contact email address we have on file.  If that needs changing because you no longer have access to that email address then please contact the Membership Secretary at