The OM Annual General Meeting – FAQs

What is it?

Like most clubs and societies, Open Morris holds a meeting once a year where outgoing officers give their report on the previous year’s activities; the accounts are presented for scrutiny; elections are held for officers who will run the organisation for the forthcoming year; and plans and policies for the future are formulated and agreed.

Must we attend?

Attendance is by no means compulsory, but we hope to see as many teams represented as possible, so that decisions are as democratic as possible.

Last year’s Minutes will give you an idea of the sort of things that are discussed.

If you can attend, it is useful if you wear a team sweatshirt or badge as it helps us to put a face to a team name.

When is it?

The AGM is held approximately a year after the previous one, so it usually occurs in November. Sometimes it includes a workshop arranged by the host side, either on the same day or the preceding day.

Can we vote?

Each Side and each Life Member is entitled to one vote on each issue in the Agenda. After 5years of continuous membership, Individual members also have this right.

Does the Squire have to attend?

No. As long as your Side has given them the authority, any member can be your Representative. Usually most members are only too happy for the Squire to attend! Any other team members may attend as Delegates, to keep the Representative company and contribute to discussions, but they are not allowed to vote.

How do we find out about it?

Full details are sent to all members prior to the AGM. We also publicise it on the Website, with all the information you need.

What should we do if we want to attend ?

The usual AGM courtesy is to email to let us know numbers attending. It’s not essential, but it helps us with planning and catering. It makes sense to discuss and agree in advance how to respond to each of the Agenda items. You will need to decide who is to be your Representative, to attend, speak, and vote on your behalf.

What if we cannot attend?

Once again, the usual AGM courtesy is to email with your apologies. Absentee Voting is available for the Officer elections, so that they are as democratic as possible, and you will be told well in advance how to register.

Please do email with comments or discussion points for the AGM if you won’t be able to attend to raise them in person. The Committee will give them serious consideration when it draws up the Agenda.

What are the perks of attending?

The list is endless: meet friends you haven’t bumped into for a while; a hard seat in a traditionally chilly drafty hall in November; a chance for your Side to discuss formally where the organisation is going; contribute to an informal fringe meeting; and last but not least, superb company.

We feel we are the most approachable Morris organisation. With your help it can only get better.

Any other queries?

If you have any further questions about the AGM, please email and one of the Committee will get an answer back to you as soon as possible.