Open Morris Member Sides

Mumpers Hall Mummers

Region: East Anglia

Practice Night: Sunday evening: irregular
Practice Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom

Contact Details

Neil Sykes
Phone: 07599 797737


Mumpers Hall Mummers is a group of friends who are all interested in English traditional entertainment and folklore. A mumper, in the vulgar tongue, is a beggar; and a  mumpers hall is an inn where beggars and vagrants are given shelter. 

A mumming play is a dramatic entertainment in which a champion is ‘killed in a fight’ and is then brought to life by a doctor. These plays have links with primitive ceremonies held to mark important stages in the agricultural year; and is the basic story of death and resurrection.They can be seen as street theatre, though we perform mainly in pubs to bring festive cheer and collect donations for the homeless

Mumpers Hall Mummers will perform throughout the year, especially at key seasonal points in the English calendar. We have close links with Kenninghall Morris and the Shelfanger Singers and like to put on performances as a whole unit. We are keen to make links with other Open Morris members.