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Norwich Pageantry Group

Region: East Anglia

Composition: Mixed
Dance Styles: Other
Practice Night: irregular
Practice Location: Norwich

Contact Details

James Bremner
Phone: NR4 7NF


Snap, Whifflers, Standard Bearers, and Dick Fool


The Norwich Pageantry Group – Whifflers, Snap & Standard Bearers

The Norwich Pageantry Group was formed originally as Norwich Whifflers and formed in 1996 with the intention of preserving the heritage and old traditions associated with the civic ceremonies and office of the Lord Mayor of Norwich. The revival started with two Whifflers, one Red and the other Blue but soon there were two more, and now the Norwich Pageantry Group incorporate several other traditional civic characters as well as the Whifflers, the most important being the Norwich Dragon – Snap. Also, there are two Standard Bearers, a “Boy” Standard Bearer, a “Boy” Whiffler, plus St George, and Dick Fool. The Norwich Pageantry Group not part of the City administration, are independent, and are supported by their members