Open Morris Member Sides

Ramrugge Clog Morris

Region: Central


Composition: Mixed
Dance Styles: North-West
Practice Night: Wednesday
Practice Location: SG4 7ET

Contact Details

Cherry Carter
Phone: 01438 724919

Ramrugge are a mixed North West Clog Morris side who dance the more challenging morris dances of the Lancashire and Cheshire Plains, which were popular at the turn of the 19th Century and even in the early 1800s. They formed in 1985 and their aim is to follow the tradition of the original dances, reported as being ‘ritual, almost military’ in style and danced with “vigour and forcefulness combined with a sense of lightness, ease and repose”. At the very least they hope to entertain you!

The name “Ramrugge” is taken from an old spelling of “Ramridge”, an extinct hamlet and mansion which once existed close to our original base in Wheathampstead, Herts.

Our uniform or kit is our own design and also follows the traditional conventions of North West Morris.  The distinctive sound of the dances comes from a heavy drum presence and our wooden clogs, which are fitted with irons, similar to horseshoes, for outdoor use.  The twizzles and bobbins held in our hands were spools once used in northern textile mills.