AGM - REMINDER - Saturday November 12th

The AGM will be hosted by Phoenix Morris at: Mill end and District Sports and Social Club
Penn Road, Mill End, Herts. WD3 8QN. For detailed instructions on how to get to the AGM, please click here.

Download the AGM information pack HERE!

Registration opens at 11:45AM, and the AGM will start 12:30PM. A light lunch will be provided, so please send your dietrary requirements to Please also email the secretary to confirm attendance, send any apologies or any discussion points regarding agenda items.

AGM - Saturday November 12th

The AGM will be hosted by Phoenix Morris at: Mill end and District Sports and Social Club
Penn Road, Mill End, Herts. WD3 8QN

The closest railway station is Rickmansworth which is on the Metropolitan Line and Chiltern Line, there are also two car parks at the hall, and there is no restriction on parking outside. The hall do not normally provide food, but could provide trays of sandwiches if required.
This is your opportunity to put forward your opinions and determine the direction Open Morris takes in the future. These are interesting and challenging times for Morris in general and the way Open Morris responds to these challenges is determined by you the members.

This year Open Morris is trialling 'Absentee Voting' which was voted for at the 2014 AGM.
The committee has decided upon a system for this year and the the 2017 committee will arrange a consultation group to decide upon a more formal system. At the 2015 / 16 EGM / AGM in January this year it was decided that this group would also look at the possibility of members being able to 'attend' the AGM via some electronic form e.g. 'Skype' or conference web cam in the future.

Over the next few days I will be sending out more detailed emails explaining the processes and asking for your responses, but for now I would ask you think about who you would like to fill the roles of : Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Web Officer for 2017 as these are the positions that will become vacant as from January 1st 2017 and need to be filled.

If you wish to nominate a person for any of these positions you need to nominate the person and get another member ( side / team or Life / Individual member ) to second the nomination then send that information to me so I can send it out to all members to vote on.

If you cannot make the AGM then you will be able to request an absentee vote. I will provide more information on this in the next couple of days.

As this will be the AGM, all committee positions will be open to re-election and nominations for new people to the committee.
These positions as per the constitution are - Chairperson, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Web Officer.
If you are interested, or know of anyone interested, please forward your nomination to along with a statement outlining who you are and what you can bring to the position at least two weeks before the AGM so information can be distributed to all members.
Please remember that nominations must have a Proposer AND Seconder side and they cannot be from the same side.

If you have any items for discussion at the AGM, please email them to for inclusion on the Agenda.

Absentee Voting - A message from Brian Antuar

Hi all,
At the 2014 AGM it was passed by majority vote that Open Morris should allow Absentee Voting. A model was put forward for discussion / feedback / amendment or complete rejection with other suggestions put forward during 2015. Only three responses were received. One in favour, one against and one felt that not enough consultation had taken place.

The current Committee has decided to go forward with Absentee Voting for 2016 using the previous model and will ask the 2017 committee to organise a consultation group to come up with a working model for Absentee Voting that possibly includes some sort of electronic attendance (Skype or Conferencing call ) which would allow the ability to vote online at the meeting as well as by prior email.

To enable Absentee Voting to work, nominations for Officers will need to be submitted to the Secretary and an Independent other person by no later than October 1st. This is so the nominations can be sent out to all Members so they can discuss whom they want to vote for and send in an Absentee Vote if they wish.
This will mean that NO nominations for any Officer positions will be taken at the AGM as any acceptance at the AGM will disenfranchise those who have sent in Absentee Votes.
For those Members who wish to have an Absentee Vote, they will need to register their intent with the Secretary. They will then be sent a Unique Number. Once all nominations are in they will be sent to all Members. Those who have registered for Absentee Voting and who have their Unique Number will then have until October the 29th to send their votes in to the Secretary & Independent other. Votes received after that date will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Absentee Votes will be included in the vote count held at the AGM.
This is your opportunity to make your voice heard. Please think about seriously about it and if you want to register, contact me, the Secretary on to register your interest a.s.a.p.


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